Monday, March 31, 2014


Smart,  eye-opening  quotes like this that resonate with the brand's philosophy can be read on the St. Frank Saintly Truth Pinterest page.

Photos courtesy of St. Frank
Blue Tenango, featuring a Mexican Otomi

Founder and CEO Christina Bryant (center) with her team

Textiles,  depending on how you use them, can really  make a statement. Try them framed on your wall, not only will they add a unique look, you will  start to see them in an entirely new way. St. Frank, a new digitally-savvy company, features framed artisan-woven textiles as wall decor. The founder, San Francisco-based Christina Bryant named her company after her home base and the Italian St. Francis of Assisi, patron Saint of animals and the environment, who provided for the poor and was the son of a wealthy silk merchant. With full passports and wanderlust, they seek out beautiful textiles around the globe and further transform them into art. Calling on a select group of boutique artisan workshops and textile partners in developing countries, their collective approach benefits artisan workshops.  St. Frank's two pronged social mission includes eventual economic empowerment for the weavers, and elevates their craft by bringing it to an entirely new audience as a celebrated art form.  Every textile, tagged with a small gold plate denoting the St. Frank name, be it one of a kind, limited edition, or print, is framed to best-suit the subject, with black or white wood, silver, maple or shadowbox options. One of the best parts of the St. Frank  approach, aside from the easy peasy process and  free shipping, is the story each  heritage textile tells. Each fabric's origin and meaning is explained in-depth, adding inspiration and allure to the piece. 
I think you will become hooked on St. Frank too.

Organic Indigo with Japanese and French influences features a wavy wash of blue indigo and white from West Africa. If a piece is one of a kind, it comes framed as is, and if it is available as a multiple, you can choose from their tailored options.

Biddew Noir, a Senegalese textile with a graphic geo punch

The Rose Pomegranate Suzani in a beautiful setting

Crowned Tree of Life Suzani from Uzbekistan

What a statement the black ground makes in this vintage silk Tree of Life Suzani

Spring Pomegranate Suzani, a vintage piece

 Ikat Floral Suzani from Uzbekistan

Vintage Lakai Suzani with silk embroidery

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What a fantastic idea! I have been collecting and using framed textiles in interiors for years...they add invaluable interest as well as inherent beauty. Thank you for sharing Marisa!

MJH DesignArts said...

Beautiful textiles. Love the antique suzanis.