Monday, March 10, 2014


Clearly, lucite's favor is not on the wane. Beloved for it's sleek clarity and minimalist clean lines that disappear,  the material is becoming more readily available in home decor and accessories.  Having a desk that is devoid of clutter is near impossible, but these lucite pieces will help coral the clutter in style.

 Got piles of stuff all over your desk? You are not alone. Capture the stray papers and piles in this lucite tray by Russel and Hazel at Anthropologie.

Hold files together in a lucite box by Russel and Hazel at Anthropologie  with cut-out handles for easy portability. To easily identify, the contents, it looks like a little color coordinated folder action is needed.

Also from R and H at Anthro, a brass hued stapler encased in a lucite body.

I have this lucite tape dispenser from Anthropologie, and love that it basically disappears on my desk. I know where it is when I need it, but it is attractive to look at rather than being a blight in my sight line.

 Pencil lovers everywhere, i.e., all you architects, rejoice! Standing at attention, sharpened pencils can be within arms reach with Anthropologie's lucite holder.

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scout.send.receive. said...

absolutely love all of the lucite desk accessories. definitely tempted to purchase a few pieces!