Monday, February 15, 2010


Jan Showers Glamorous Rooms goes to Ann Davis of Atlanta. She owns the showroom Travis and Company, one of the great resources there. I have not visited, but it is on my list of places to hit when I go to Atlanta. The influence of great design ideas and techniques found in books cannot be underestimated. Using design elements, Davis found her inspiration and brought it to fruition.

The inspiration: To Your Taste: Celerie Kemble for her painted floors, artwork arrangements and vibrant print applications.
The wall in Kemble's project is arranged with modern art of mercury glass spheres. Davis liked the way the light played off the surface and used a hanging technique similar to the one seen here.

The creation
"I have a fabric showroom in Atlanta, Travis and Company, and your blog updates me with all the New York happenings. I love it! I was inspired by Celerie Kemble while creating the fire place area in my living room. We ended up using the picture for my showroom's website Travis and Company. I was inspired by photo in Celerie Kemble's book, To Your Taste. I just love her philosophy of "creating modern rooms with a traditional twist." The way Celerie worked with the space around a traditional fireplace, to make a modern room, inspired me. She added a great blue zebra print to spice up the room and shake up the traditional look.
My living room has a similar traditional fire place. I also used a zebra print to achieve a modern feel and create something fresh. I wanted a fabric that was bigger and bolder though. I used the Peter Fasano zebra print we carry in our showroom. I also kept a few traditional accents like the oriental rug."


Pug1 said...

I like that "creating modern rooms with a traditional twist", nice post. CHEERS! Michele

Ann Davis said...

Marisa I am so excited! Thank you!


Love the mercury glass spheres and the glamorous fireplace vignette--lovely rooms. congratulations Ann!

Southern Aspirations said...

just found your blog and I adore it! Look forward to reading more.

Congrats to Ann Davis! I must check out her showroom now!

Marisa said...

Yes, Ann has done a great job with her home and her showroom must be just as stunning!