Monday, February 8, 2010


Last week, fellow bloggers were asked to select ONE thing from the design-focused gift, home and lifestyle products in Accent on Design® section at the New York International Gift Fair®. We were selected to judge since we were recognized as being bloggers from noted design and trend-watching sites.

Our task was to choose one product from 200+ companies participating in the juried Accent on Design, which, we felt was most representative of the “next big thing.” Key criteria was "odd, delightful, urgent design."

“Design bloggers are the first to herald emerging design trends,” said Dorothy Belshaw, NYIGF director and GLM senior vice president. “We’re delighted to tap into their trend-savvy and design-expertise to identify products that will resonate with consumers.”

The winter 2010 “Bloggers Choice Award” winners are:

Stylebeat's Marisa Marcantonio:

Children’s Chair by Oly
“Children love to feel grown up. This mini version of an adult size Louis XV chair is girly, sophisticated and charming. It moves away from disposable-chic kids stuff and fuses good design with function. An original concept well executed.”

Apartment Therapy’s Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan:
Umbrellas by BRELLI®

“Totally functional, environmentally responsible and delightfully beautiful. This umbrella turns heads and I was glad to find the source. I believe it will be very popular in 2010.”

Cool Hunting’s Ami Kealoha:
Miller Goodman Playshapes by neo-utility

“An inspiring marriage of art and science for a gorgeously-designed plaything that appeals to children and nostalgic adults alike.”

Design-Calendar’s Danielle DeVita:
Baskets, bags and jewelry by ne├│

“They took a material that was typically used in scuba diving – neoprene – and transformed it into a product that can be used every day. After talking to the designers, I learned that each piece is handmade in Italy (it’s the first time they are showing in the U.S.) and the company is led by three women – bonus points!”

The Design Vote’s Michael Cannell:
Table Manners Set by Funfam

“This children’s cutlery set made of laminated bamboo struck me as both a handsome concept piece and eminently practical on a daily basis.”

Habitually Chic’s Heather Clawson:
Style de Vie

“Style de Vie’s booth at the NYIGF made me stop in my tracks! The table was piled high with vintage blueprints and French school posters while the back wall was filled with framed vintage art. The maritime blueprints and nautical charts were my favorites. I’d love to be able to spend time trolling flea markets and tag sales for unique art for my clients but when I can’t, I’m going to turn to Style de Vie to do it for me!”

After covering every corner of this show for the past several years, selecting a single item from Accent was a lot harder than it seems! The show was bursting with strong design this year. It was great to be involved with such a terrific group of bloggers and in their company!

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Gwen Driscoll said...


Hi! How are you? Jane Scott Hodges introduced me to your blog and I love it. I'm new to the blog world but really love connecting with so many people who share my same passion: all things design related. I so look forward to following your blog and getting to know you. Hope you are well.

P.S. I'm adding you to my blog roll!