Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Oh this is good! Vintage needlepoint pillows by the dozen! Kate Hersch finds amazing needlepoints in and around her hometown of Austin, Texas. She started her company, August Morgan, when she realized she could find enough top quality vintage canvases to make a business out of it. She scours shops for clean and well designed pieces and then backs them to create pillows. Quirky, kitchy and graphic patterns make her collection a knockout. Seeing the plethora of color and pattern together is mesmerizing. Needlepoint is finding a new generation. From belts to keychains, people are turning to needlepoint to create sentimental gifts with personal details added in the design. If you want to take the DIY route, check out the custom canvases available from Stitchaus, Needlepoint Inc and Nantucket Needleworks. If there are special needlepoint places you love, let me know and I can add them to this list!

Kate holds a Partridge Family- perfect pillow.

Matisse's Odalisque from 1923 on a different type of canvas.

The Walton's John Boy might have wanted to sew this in is spare time.

Butterflies, flowers, mushrooms -- the 1960's is channeled through a pillow.

A Peacock Wicker Chair, potted geraniums, a spider plant and a cat equals 1970's kitsch.

This one reminds me of Swenson's at The Miracle Mile in Manhasset, Tiffany lamp and all.

Johnathan Adler helped usher in the graphic geo renaissance that David Hicks triumphed. This pillow design is from back in the day.

Pop Art in pastels.

The array of outrageous finds all in a line.


Lindsay said...

Great find! I'm off to check out their website!

Kate Hersch said...

Thank you for the mention! I am honored!