Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here I am with Brad Ford at the Holly Hunt reception

Not jive talk, blog talk! This past Tuesday, I was thrilled to do a Q and A with Brad Ford at the D and D at Astra in partnership with Quest Magazine. As the editor of, the Cohen Design Center's blog, I had an engaging talk with Brad, also known as The Accidental Blogger. He calls himself this since the blog came out of his design practice-- he designs by day, blogs by night. Like so many! He started his blog, Design Therapy, to support his website, start a dialog in the design community, to share the behind- the- scenes in his projects and what he loves as a designer. We spoke to a room filled with fellow bloggers, interior designers, fabrics and furniture companies, all eager to learn the ins and outs of why a blog is important to get your views and interests across, how to generate readers and ways to maximize your exposure at large. I got to meet newer bloggers like Lisa of Hampton Toes Blog and Barbara of Hampton Hostess Blog. It was great to catch up with Celerie Kemble, who recently launched a fun new website for Kemble Interiors with a strong social media component. All in all, it was great fun to get be part of the design dialog at the D and D, discuss where blogging is going, and what is next. On that note, we ended the discussion with this: will the ipad be the game changer with all these forms of media converging? What do you think is next?


C.J. said...

to do all that you have done at such an early age is wonderful! I would have loved sitting in on that conversation.

Shani Gilchrist said...

Sending thanks to you and to Brad for such a great presentation last week. It was truly enjoyable and informational, I took a lot from it.

Jennifer Powell said...

Loved the presentation! You and Brad are both so lovely and knowledgeable. I think the iPad will be a great way for designers and artists to carry their portfolio on the go, using electronic images rather than print. For many it will replace the netbook because it is so portable and user-friendly. But a game changer? Media is already converging on all of our devices, so I think it will just be one more thing to lug around during the day and plug in at night.