Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A blue shell box will remind you of summer days long after the season ends.

Happy June stylish ones. Have a summer design tradition you are known for creating year after year? Send it in for a chance to win a gorgeous Blue Limpet Shell Box from Karen Robertson.

Do you switch out your winter to summer slipcovers, change the throw pillows, do a special fresh-from-the garden arrangement, rent a house and do it up for the season with your own take on easy living, set up a holiday table worth seeing? Show me what summer style and design means to you!

The winner's work will be posted on Stylebeat for all design admirer's adoration!

Submit your creative creations to:

WHEN: Send in by JUNE 18th
WHERE: stylebeatcontest@gmail.com

The winner will be revealed here June 21st!


Alicia said...

I actually switch my drapery!! A lot of my friends think I'm mad but the light streaming through the soft polished cotton always make me feel cooler.

pve design said...

Our patio becomes our summer dining room!
We live outside, eat outside....I will send images to you! Love the box!!!