Monday, January 10, 2011


The inaugural issue of The Rug Company's Collect Magazine begins with this quote by Jean Willy Mestach, "Tell me what you collect, tell me how you collect, and I will tell you who you are." This high design magazine culls the work of the best photographers and writers to tell the design story behind this incredibly varied, distinctly British rug company. Created by the most talented boldfaced names in fashion and interiors today, their designer collections and in - house patterns are bold and visionary.
These "collectible journals" reveal the vibrancy of the company and its creatives, and the initial issue has an essay by Living Architecture founder philosopher writer Alain de Botton, photography by well-known interiors lensman Francois Hallard, American editor Mayer Rus and more. Their collective efforts yield a great selection of articles, with a piece on British artist Sam Taylor Wood, the story of Sue Timney's new black and white rug collection, the late Alexander McQueen's lively designs, the New York showroom as examined by Rus, and the Milan and Moroccan dweller Umberto Pasti's collection of decorative objects. Collect will show you how to make more of your floor. To order, email
Photograph by Angela Moore
Chris and Suzanne Sharp standing with a new silk yarn rug designed by the late Alexander McQueen called Military Brocade. Garnering praise for it's alluring design, the collection won Elle Decoration's British Design Awards for Fashion’s Contribution to Design.

Shown in fantastic settings capturing many interior styles, their ad campaign and magazine shots are a visual feast that provide endless design fodder:

Photos courtesy of The Rug Company
Cowhide Cross-stitch from The Rug Company
Location, location, location! The Rug Co.'s photo shoots are done in the most amazing locales around Europe, from country piles to slick apartments in the city.

Carnival by Paul Smith

Fretwork by Emily Todhunter

Autumn Leaves by Marni

Chiesa Green by Suzanne Sharp

Ponti Red by Suzanne Sharp

Berber by The Rug Company

Squiggle Orange by Vivienne Westwood

Butterfly Pink by Edward Barber & Jay Ogersby

Tangle Aqua by The Rug Company

Moses Mocha by Suzanne Sharp

Cowhide Retro by The Rug Company

Pebbles Brown by Allegra Hicks

Greek Key by Suzanne Sharp

Bishop's Cape by Diane Von Furstenberg

Anemone Cocoa by Marni

Tribe by Matthew Williamson

Sellarsbrook Blue by Suzanne Sharp

Sellarsbrook Yellow by Suzanne Sharp

Kimono by Marni

Karsansui by Michael Reeves

Kyoto Daytime by Paul Smith

Paris Swirl by Paul Smith

Magnolia Ice from Vivienne Westwood

Diagonal Bead by Neisha Crossland

Nautilus by Kelly Wearstler

Zephyr by Kelly Wearstler


quintessence said...

Book sounds like a keeper! Their work is just so beautiful - and you're right the ad campaign shots are so amazing. Might just have to get myself (yet another) belated Christmas gift - or perhaps this can be for Valentine's Day :-)

Stitchfork said...

See quite a fwe rugs there that I could live with here! said...

It's fab! I just love the one with the green walls.... (Carnival -- Paul Smith) the wild stripes... So unique to put such a modern looking rug with such traditional design! Great post and blog!

Currently Chic

RG _ into the studio said...

Incredible magazine/catalogue! Beautiful! Large and matte finish pages with fantastic rugs! I got it a while ago... Thanks for remind me about that!

designchic said...

Beautiful how a great rug grounds a room!!

pillowthrowdecor said...

Fabulous pictures. checked out their website and the one that would be my fav for a wall hanging is a London clock. It is amazing!!!

Can anyone point me to information on rug sizes. What are the rules of thumb for carpet size in a dining room, living room and bedroom.... example... does the rug need to be large enough for the living room furniture to actually be placed on the rug? Any suggestions would be great. thanks

Joyce MacFarlane said...

What a gorgeous magazine. I love all of Suzanne Sharp's designs. The colour range is incredible.