Thursday, January 6, 2011


Halcyon Days, the British home - accessories - in - enamel company received a much needed design boost when they collaborated with Charlotte Moss on a new enamel collection. Long known for their tiny gold hinged boxes with sayings and flowers that graced coffee tables, vanity surfaces, and end tables from the Upper East Side to Grosse Pointe, their designs have gotten a shot in the arm with this stylish partnership. Two collections dubbed Muse and Wanderlust, take destinations and design themes as the impetus and inspiration. The New York pattern ties in with Moss' green and white Pickard China pattern, and the other designs are classic motifs that the New York- based designer loves, like brightly colored ikat, caning detail, fretwork and decorative flourishes. In addition to the bangle bracelets, the collection includes a travel alarm clock, vase, dish and ring box.
The 'Istanbul' Bangle from the Wanderlust Collection is a top pick for its rich colors and elaborate pattern.

The 'Nantucket' Basketweave Bangle from the Muse Collection with caning detail reminds me of the island I grew up going to and love so much.
The 'Palm Beach' Bangle from the Muse Collection captures the pastel uniform and manicured gardens that the getaway evokes.

'Tangiers' Bangle from the Wanderlust Collection is femme and full of flourishes.
The 'Ankara' Bangle from the Wanderlust Collection is a thin option for the ikat crowd.

The 'New York' Roundel Bangle from the Muse Collection is reminiscent of the tended gardens of New York parks.


Unknown said...

Those beautiful bracelets may give Hermes a run for their money. Love the fresh patterns!

quintessence said...

Couldn't agree more. Loved this collection of fabulous bracelets the minute I saw it!!

Alison Duffy said...

I want them all! Can you imagine???

Vickie H. said...

So gorgeous and so versatile!!!

peggy braswell said...

Loved each one of them+your blog!xx

Linda Hunt IFDA, WFCP,AVA said...

I am always looking for the beautiful and unusual. These bracelets fit the bill. They will create plenty of conversation for the wearer.