Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Reviving the iconic 1960's printed textile designs of Amos Morrill, his daughter Lee Morrill-Harrington is sure to create another wave of interest in this particular resort style. Capturing the quaint aspects of island living, from the exotic flora and fauna to sealife, enter Antilles Designs. The brainchild of  the Antiguan-born interior designer, this bright new tropical collection brings the natural world in, with festive color combinations,  detailed renderings of leaves, flowers and sea creatures. The joyous, easygoing designs by her father were created from existing sketches and samples Morrill-Harrington recently happened upon in her father's Antigua loft. As an interior designer, she embarked on a path to create fresh and fun graphic prints in highly usable colors.  You can find the designs in the Gary McBournie Home Dering Hall storefront, as well as Studio 534 at the Boston Design Center and Webster & Company in Estero, Florida.  I have to thank Christine Bell from C. Bell in Florida for introducing me to the line, it is sure to please those wishing for the footloose and fancy free living island life provides.  Hey, has Jimmy Buffet seen these yet? I think he would approve.

Banana Bird in royal blue. Can you spot the birdy?

Banana Birds in trade winds blue

Banana Bird in sunset orange just needs a cold Sunkist next to it

Oversized leaves eclipse the dallying butterflies in Breadfruit in plumbego blue

 Breadfruit in confetti pink

Breadfruit in crocus

 Key Lime stacked

Key Lime in flamboyant red

green on white


Calypso blue

I just love the colors in the sky blue on white 

It's electric! Sunnyside yellow

Turq on white

Capturing the lush abundance of Bougainvillea in bloom, amythest is for people who adore purple 

Bouganvillea in beach rose

Icy blue perfection: Bubbles in blue 

Bubbles in a pale lettuce green 

Bubbles in the perfect shade of sorbet pink

Reef, in pink and blue

 Frangipani in orange with pale pink is crisp

icy blue and persimmon in Frangipani 

Frangipani with teal and yellow

Townhouse captures island dwellings in a jolly, naif print 

Redcliffe Red has zing


Harrison Howard said...

These are pefect designs for their intended market, and I'll bet people are going to buy a lot of this fabric!

kayce hughes said...

so fun!
i love them.

annechovie said...

Wow, Marisa, I love these! It was funny to see one of the few companies who carries them is in Estero, Fl, because that's where I live. Have a great week!

London Interior Designer said...

I particularly like the Frangipani with teal and yellow design. Very summery and breezy....