Thursday, June 14, 2012


Don't you just hate it when you are standing at a summer garden party and your ankles are getting bitten to death? I do. Rather than create a highly flammable situation using a deet-based bug repellent spray that smells icky,  I have found something new to try. It is 100% natural which pleases me, and has chic packaging, which also pleases me. It is made by the company behind Jao, whose their 13 year - old Hand Refresher in the blue bottle  has become a cult product for clean hands on the go. It is said to kill most germs in under a minute.
When it comes to summer entertaining, you want your guests to come happy and leave happy. This little trick might just make your outdoor soirees that much better. For a one-two punch, you can layer moisturizing Patio Oil with bug repellent oils and oil lemon eucalyptus as a base and then spray citrusy Outscent over it, to maximize your chances of not getting devoured alive.
Patio Oil has a South of France suntan oil vibe to it
Outscent packaging has retro camping appeal

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