Monday, June 25, 2012


An early adopter of exotic exploration that traveled world learning the tricks of the global style trade years ago, John Robshaw has helped define the global/exotic design category. His sophisticated, brightly colored block-prints celebrate the handmade with a fresh twist. Working with centuries - old block printing and dying techniques, Robshaw applies his design eye to create something new and exciting by mixing artisanal technique, pattern, scale and bold color. From frolicking elephants to flowering vines, his designs take the best elements of exoticism and Indian design. With a fine arts degree from Pratt, the search for indigo dyes took him to Asia many years ago, igniting a lifelong passion for the artistic sensibility and sense of tradition that existed there. Influenced by the culture, people and process, his sarongs, bedding, fabrics and pillows make a distinct statement. A new partnership with Duralee fabrics makes his pattern play available to a wider audience. The collection includes energetic prints, some embroidery and rich wovens that mix and layer together. A wide range of colors, from umber to khaki, charcoal to moss green, madder to coral and indigo to turquoise make the collection ever-varied. You will feel as though your passport has been stamped numerous times once you see this collection, but you don't have to venture far to channel it's global sensibility. 


Joann Kandrac said...

I'm drooling over these fabrics!!

Unknown said...

This collaboration has so many fabulous prints!! Thanks for sharing!!

tilton fenwick said...

love all of these! we are huge fans!!