Friday, June 22, 2012


 Photo courtesy of Belvoir
When I heard that Belvoir, England's all-natural, small - batch  fizzy cockail - enhancing elixers were available stateside, I ran out and bought some. I headed to my local Williams-Sonoma and grabbed what enticed me. Their charming hand-written script label with bright background and tall bottle create a beautiful and alluring presentation. I have found I am totally smitten with the Belvoir Fruit Farm's Ginger Cordial, and have needed to restock my bar. 
So what is a cordial, anyway? The process of making the drink syrup involves pressing, cooking and extracting the essences from fresh flowers, fruits and spices. Those are then mixed with local spring water to make the yummy bottled cocktail ingredient. Their Ginger Cordial, my favorite, includes a mixture of fresh and spicy ginger root syrup along with lemon. It makes the perfect Moscow Mule. Or try another popular version the Elderflower, which is available through Terrain. Add sparkling water, vodka, and the cordial over the rocks and you are on your way to an amazing evening. Yum.

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Sara Block said...

Hello Marisa,
These cordials look delicious! I have an unrelated question, though! On a post you did about curvy chairs, you posted a pick of a peacock chair. You said that it was from Palecheck. I LOVE the chair and contacted Palecheck but they said the chair is not theirs. Do you happen to know who makes that chair? Thanks! Sara