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If you love your color like I do, then you toil and research artwork for your home with the same gusto you would a thesis paper. Art makes a huge impact on a home, bringing it personality, individuality, interest and flair. Bearing this in mind, I have done a mini-roundup of artists that should be on your radar. If they weren't before, they are now. Whether you begin your scheme with the art on your walls or it is the final phase of your installation, here are some great paintings that will surely get your attention.

Photos courtesy of Robert Spellman
Robert Spellman, a hip Des Moines, Iowa-based painter, was brought to my attention by my interior designer sister, Amanda Reynal.  His thick, impasto oil and acrylic layered canvases have a real impact on a space, as their scale and kicking color combinations make a room come alive. His work is going to be included in my upcoming One Kings Lane Blogger Sale, August 23rd at 6pm EST. Be there to click it and score some of his fabulous paintings at a great price. 

Cadmium Sun,  an enormous 39 x 39 framed oil on canvas for a real wow effect.

Another highly impactful piece, Lady in Hat, a framed oil on Canvas measures 60 x 60

If you like stripes then you are in luck! With vertical lines in an array of blue hues, Prussia Cobalt and Coral is 30 x 40.

Shades of Green, oil on canvas is also 30 x 40,  for those that love this hugely popular color.

Sky Blue and Orange, a 36 x 48 canvas in oil is super striking.

Pinks and reds unite in Cadmium Red Rose, oil on 24 x 48 canvas. It's hot.

Prussian Blue Sky makes every day a blue sky day. 24 x 48 canvas.

Tangerine Orange and Blue would be my pick to work with a myriad of design schemes, it measures 24 x 48.

 Photos courtesy of Michelle Armas
Michelle Armas, a young Atlanta-based painter works in acrylic and oil. She got her start in graphic design in NYC, then made the leap to full-time painter. Her abstract canvases are punchy, peppy and full of life.  She has legions of blogger fans, and can be found at J. Pocker.

 Antonia framed print,  20 x 20"

 Tattoo Painting, framed 49 1/4 x 49 1/4"

Mimi, a multi-hued blue green 20 x 20 print

Payton, a blue yellow and green print, 20 x 20

Wisemath, a red, pink and white print, 20 x 20

Clementine Painting, framed 19 1/2 x 19 1/2

Photos courtesy of Mallory Page
Creating her abstract water-inspired canvases, Southern painter Mallory Page calls New Orleans home. Designers Phoebe Howard and Suzanne Kasler  are fans of her work, as is Eddie Ross, who uses her work in his magazine styling work.  Art consultant Jeffrey McCullough can help guide you through the collecting process by introducing you to new artists and working with your  palette and space. He's an interior designer, so he's good with that sort of thing.

Mallory Page's Moon Movement, mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40

Prima IV, framed mixed media on canvas, 24 x 30

A Steadfast Downpour, 48 x 60 mixed media on wood panel

 Photos courtesy of Perry Burns/ARC
A bit of whimsy never hurts, when a painting is titled Cotton Candy Twister, you can't help but smile. Created by painter Perry Burns in 2007, he is represented by ARC Fine Art, owned by private art dealer  Fairfield, Connecticut- based Adrienne Ruger Conzelman. She works with 19th and early 20th century American artists, and has been advising since 2009. She seriously knows her stuff, and her entire family has the creative gene; her brother is photographer Charles Ruger.

Seismic Butterfly, 2010, mixed Media on paper, 20 x 20 is an explosion of color captured in two egg shapes wings turned on their side. Burns, who is based in East Hampton,  is interested in the way we see things, from politics, to how we interpret an image and what truth is. Heady stuff indeed, but worth pondering for sure.

Stretching heavenward like the rays of the setting sun Aurora 18 x 24, in mixed media on paper 2010 by Perry Burns.

Photos courtesy of J. Pocker
I have had my eye on this little bucolic leafy landscape all summer. It is a print  by French artist Charles Lapicque, an instrumental part of The New School of Paris who worked in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's.

A psychedelically colored 21x29 Charles Lapicque print of a landscape of the French countryside has the juiciest colors around.

Another goody Lapicque 3 with a pink sky is 25x18

Olive trees dominate in Lapicque 4, a 19 x 24 print

Photos courtesy of Julia Schwadron
Brooklyn-based artist Julia Schwadron works with words, nature and abstractions of both. Her work is shown on a global scale, and her 2009 show Self Help featured renditions of psychology books that pushed the boundaries of abstraction and repetition. She is standing by a work from her You Are Here collection that shares her perspectives on life abroad and foreign travel.

Turning Points, oil, acrylic, and charcoal on canvas over board 52 x 42 cm
What's Left Over in Gold by Julia Schwadron

 Artist Julia Schwadron lived in Chang Mai for a year, which is when she painted Golden Shower Tree, 52 x 42 cm in oil and acrylic through J. Pocker.

A limited edition 21 x 30 floral still life lithograph by Storauovich from J. Pocker.

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