Monday, August 6, 2012


In the Olympic spirit, here are some games to get you outdoors this August.  Entertain outside and play, or just be prepared for your houseguests if they have a competitive streak.

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie
A minimalist chic Croquet Set in a streamlined light wooden box from Anthropologie.

 Keep the lawn action going with a delux Bocce Ball and Horseshoe Set by St Pierre. Perfect for sunset cocktail time.

 Photo courtesy of Design Within Reach
A French cousin of Bocce, Petanque originated in the countryside of Provence. The uber modern chrome and teak set from Design Within Reach will impress your design snob guests.

 Photo courtesy of Target
Ok, so maybe the fake glass bottles aren't as chic as Jones Soda's, but a good game of Ring Toss can get any party started. From Target.

 Photo courtesy of Duffy Boats
Get around the water in a 12 -seater electric Duffy Boat, that tops out at 6 miles per hour.  I first laid eyes on these cuties in Newport Beach.

 Photo courtesy of Nauti and Co.
In the sand or on deck, Nauti and Co.'s easily portable roll-up Backgammon Set for those that love a game, even on the go.

Photo courtesy of Laughing Loon
Or, take this handmade in Maine beauty out for a spin. The beautiful wooden Wee Two, from Laughing Loon, is perfect for navigating hard-to-access inaccessible ponds in remote and beautiful places.

Photo courtesy of Surf NYC
If big waves get you out of bed early in the morning in Montauk, the Malwitz Keel Fish Surf Board from Saturday's Surf NYC is a good way to practice your pop-ups and hang ten.


emily fitzgerald {once in a blue room} said...

i'll admit it: i'm a huge fan of bocci. it's the perfect casual beer-in-hand game for the beach!

great picks! xox emily
www.once in a blue

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Enjoy! I need to get bocci in my repetoir