Friday, August 10, 2012


Photo courtesy of Lulu DK

Combining sexy metallic with poppy brights and graphic geometrics, Lulu DK's new collection launched this summer at Donghia. With nature as her muse, Lulu channeled the inspiration of her young boys, the garden and California life. From tiny birds on vines to a cool oversized cross hatch brick pattern, her distinctive designs co-mingle to coordinate together seamlessly. I had the chance to hear Lulu's creative process when I interviewed her alongside Donghia's creative director Chuck Chewning for Editor at Large's Editor TV. Check it out here to get the lowdown. Lively and fun, the line is everything we expect from such a creative powerhouse.

Dancers in coral

Dancers in kelly green 

Dancers in mauve 

Dancers in navy 

Dancers in seamist 

Dancers in straw 

Rainbow in ocean 

Rainbow in plum 

Rainbow in Salmon 

Rainbow in sky 

Rainbow in straw 

Rainbow in gold

Plantation in Chocolate 

Plantation in gold 

Plantation in kelly green 

Plantation in navy 

Plantation in ocean 

Plantation in plum 

Plantation in royal blue 

Plantation in sky 

Plantation in teal 

Ivy in navy 

Ivy in plum 

Ivy in purple 

Ivy in salmon 

Ivy in seafoam 

Ocean in navy, inspired by the way sunlight hits the water

Ocean in turquoise

Ocean in vine


Holly Phillips@ The English Room said...

Love these new fabrics. Such a fan of Lulu Dk's work. Hope to sees you soon.

Anonymous said...

love the prints and colors but they feel like they were printed with plastic coated dyes. and the linen is very think. hard to imagine implementing. anyone else think so!?

Unknown said...

Love her new fun and beautiful!

JWK said...

Absolutely love these!! Can't wait to see them in person!!!