Thursday, August 9, 2012


Photos courtesy of Burrow and Hive
With the gift show just around the corner, I am starting get excited about all the new companies that will be making their debuts. The show provides a much larger stage for a new brand, and gives them the opportunity to attract a nationwide retail presence, a global e-commerce presence, and a wider visibility that will hopefully kickstart their company.
Burrow and Hive, started by creative sister act  Newell Freivogel and Sally Gates is one such company. Both attended my alma mater, Trinity College and we were all art history majors. When they reached out to me with this news, I was thrilled- this is the best part of being a blogger. I get to write about cool gals like this. The Chicago-based sisters combined their unique architecture and textile backgrounds to create a fresh textile collection that draws from nature. Produced in New England, their designs are available as pillows and by the yard. They also have wool or cotton scarves, the accessory du jour, as well as little pouches, placemats and bedding.  Their color palette is vivid, with grass green and tomato, mint and royal blue. Their abstracted designs mix well with florals and stripes, adding a nice geometric touch. They have been making the trunk show rounds and have a growing retail presence. Making their big debut at the New York Gift Show in a few weeks, you can visit with them at Pier 94 at Booth 45058.  Tell them Stylebeat sent you! 

 The girls at a trunk show.

 Chairs upholstered in Wings, an all-over geometric with a Navajo vibe.

Wings in dusk
Lumbar pillow in Wings, dusk

Wings in tomato

Wings Lumbar in tomato

Wings in leaf
Wings Lumbar in leaf

Wings in true blue

Wings Lumbar in true blue

Wings in sand

Wings Lumbar in sand

Frond in tulip
Frond Lumbar  in tulip
Frond in fieldstone
Frond Lumbar in fieldstone

Frond in mint
 Frond Lumbar in mint

 Frond in periwinkle
Frond Lumbar in periwinkle 

Their foray into bedding with a tight floral pattern, Wings.
Wings cotton placemat in leaf

Wings cotton placemat in tomato

Cotton scarves printed in India have been hot items for summer travel


Winifred said...

I have seen some of these pieces in person and they are STUNNING!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love the fabrics! Thanks for the post since I couldn't get to the gift show.

kayce hughes said...

Can't wait to see them at the show. I love all their colors!

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Winifred I cannot wait to see them.
Sure, Laura I will be your feet on the ground!
Kayce, lets meet up!