Friday, June 28, 2013


Photo courtesy of Terrain
Check out this genius post-BBQ accessory, the Twig Marshmallow Roaster. With room to fit upwards of 8 marshmallows at one time, this clever roasting tool one-ups the basic snapped off tree branch. Take your backyard BBQ's and campfires to the next level with this gourmet goody found at Terrain. Roast marshmallows to the perfect burnt hue, all while avoiding scalded and sticky fingertips.

Photo courtesy of Little Flower Candy Co
If you really want to take it to the next level, scoop up some tasty artisanal gourmet marshmallows like these from The Little Flower Candy Company. They come in flavors like coffee and cinnamon sugar.


Jeffery McCullough said...

I had Little Flower marshmallows in Los Angeles last week at Olive & Thyme. Then, two days later a friend in Pasadena said, "I'm taking you to my favorite bakery." WELL, it was Little Flower! So I had more marshmallows, Macarons, and the best Salted Caramels EVER. It is SUCH a cute and yummy bakery! Glad you shared about it.

Jeffery McCullough said...

I just order 1 of each of the flavors of Marshmallows because of your post! And see my Facebook post I did a bit ago. LOVE Little Flower Bakery!