Monday, September 30, 2013


I love when people start their own companies based on that which they are most passionate about. Bramalta, a new Italian-inspired printed fabric collection out of Pennsylvania started by John Donis, came from years of working in and loving the fabric industry.  It is so exciting seeing boutique fabric companies get started, and see their creative point of view emerge. Starting Bramalta, Donis was able to re-connect with the creative process.  He used to create custom fabrics for clients while working at Scalamandre, which is where we met way back when.  After many years there, he learned the art and process of the weaving mills and appreciated their vast, treasured historical archives. Venturing out on his own, he had total creative flexibility to bring something new to market with a nod to the past and his Italian roots.
When describing the leap he took, he explained, "textiles and making things, practical things which have personal meaning are important to me. I had the Bramalta designs in mind, and I do all the drawing and coloring myself.  I kept searching until I found the best people to work with. Then, I had to teach myself how to design a textile and just be an editor." A love of textiles and historical archives stemmed from Donis's Italian heritage, travels and inspirational grandmother. As a child, he would join her on fabric and lace buying trips in the Puglia region, famous for its wool, where his appreciation for the textile arts began. The creative process takes time, having created over 10,000 sketches and ideas for designs, he acknowledges the execution of a pattern is complex and varied.
What appeals to me are his vivid color combinations and playful patterns like the flamestitch, for their updated historical reference points. You can find the prints at Travis and Co in Atlanta, and if you are interested in carrying the Bramalta Collection, reach out to them here.

Zig Zag in Aqua is inspired by a classic Egg and Dart motif

Zig Zag in Fuschia

Zig Zag in Orange 

Zig Zag in Red

Zig Zag in Yellow

Zig Zag in Blue

Rosette and Fret in Green

Rosette and Fret in Red

Arts and Crafts in Blue

Arts and Crafts in Red

Boccanera in Aqua and Green

Kerman in Blues

Fiamma in Green

Fiamma in Blue


Victoria at Home said...

I love the Bramalta fabrics! They are great for working on custom colors too. I have the collection in my shop Victoria at Home.

Juliane at Modern Mural said...

These are great! I'm in love with the Boccanera in Aqua and Green... so detailed and ornate!