Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Neon has been everywhere for the past few seasons. In a final push of color-with-abandon spotting, I have found some interesting pieces that use the brights well.  Here are small ways to make a big impact with a color palette that has circled back from the 1980's. I first met the eye-popping flouro brights when Fiorucci introduced me to them, circa 1985.

Photo courtesy of Tabula Rasa
The Isoline Blanket from Tabula Rasa
is a stunning example of pattern and color creating something forward thinking, bold and brash. The clash of colors on the British-designed throw is a wake up call sans alarm clock.

Photo courtesy of Christen Maxwell
Linen pillows trimmed in neon from Christen Maxwell add color without being shocking.

Photo courtesy of AVF
I have longed for the Alexandra Von Furstenberg Chiclet Candy Bowl from the moment I first laid eyes on it. It's just that good.

Photo courtesy of Bend
Made of a powder coated wire frame, the Farmhouse Chair from Bend was inspired by the perfect lines in Amish architecture.

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