Thursday, September 5, 2013


Photos courtesy of Jawbone
My friends know that music is seriously important to me. I also like to get onboard with tech gadgets early on- like, as soon as I can read the reviews, form an opinion, and jump on something that will make my life better (or so I think), I'm in.  I was starting to feel outdated with my 10 year-old Bose Sound Dock, and when the volume button started to get touchy, I began thinking about an upgrade to something new. My Macbook Pro's built-in  speakers just aren't cutting it anymore. The Jambox, a small rectangular,  Bluetooth-based speaker designed by uber cool industrial designer Yves Behar and Jawbone in 2011gained a following among design and purists, for its sleek housing, geometric design, and varied color palette. I never took the plunge, but I'm glad I waited because something better has just made its debut. With the just-launched Mini version, available in 9 juicy colors and to-be- expected great graphic design on the front, portability is key. The big difference is the size- it is so thin it can fit into your back pocket and provides sonic splendor on the go-- with a more approachable price tag. Operating wirelessly through Bluetooth or a headset plugged into your phone, sync it up and you are ready for some streaming tunes at a picnic or the big game.  If you are in NYC you can find them at certain Best Buy stores listed below, or pre-order, here. I think Christmas will be coming early for me this year. I'm partial to the black with diamond design. I think I need one.

The square edges make the speaker easy pair with your phone. The rechargable battery plays for 10 hours straight, so it can handle travel like a seasoned pro.

Let the frenzy begin.

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