Thursday, September 12, 2013


 Photo courtesy of Tom Scheerer
I am mesmerized by the serene crisp nature of Tom Scheerer's exacting work.  If there was a Tom Scheerer  Design School, I would be a charter member.  He deftly employs pattern on the wall through boldly colored graphic  Quadrille papers, but also likes the quiet simplicity of a paler wall, often in the form of pecky cyprus (a favorite of mine in Palm Beach homes), and faux bois.
With this weeks launch of his highly anticipated new book, Tom Scheerer Decorates (a detailed look at it is coming soon), I got to thinking about what Scheerer excels at. As seen here, he employs the workhorse wallpaper Chene, by Nobilis. Because the wood grain is pale, it acts like a neutral and has a chameleon nature. Creating architecture with the way it has been hung, the eye is led around the space. Get creative with the walls in the interiors you are working on, it makes all the difference.  Here are some examples of how he uses the paper to transform spaces, with the addition of some other great faux papers out there.

Photo courtesy of Tom Scheerer
In a farmhouse setting, the look is rustic, light. More polished than rough.

Photo courtesy of Tom Scheerer
Another setting, this time a bedroom in the country.

Photo courtesy of Nobilis
French fabric house, Nobilis's Chene, the go-to wallpaper for the faux bois that is a good stand in for pecky cyprus and bleached wood. To give you an idea of its enormous popularity, try ordering it and see if it is in stock. You may have to backorder this, but its worth the wait.

 Photo courtesy of Anthropologie
Resembling wood panels, the work of Dutch Designer Piet Van Eek is recognizable in its use of reclaimed materials with heavy wood grain. You may know his furniture, made of refurbished planks. This version of roughed-up beadboard, Scrapwood, is available online at Anthropologie, by Netherlands-based wallpaper company  NLXL.

 Charlotte Moss understands the way this realistic faux bois can do wonders in a long, windowless hall. She used the Eek Scrapwood paper in her Kips Bay Showhouse garden escape she designed in 2012.

Photo courtesy of NLXL
Drawn to imperfect, honest materials and recycling, Eek started doing his designs in 1990. They are remarkable for their astonishing resemblance to the real thing. The NLXL collection of Eek papers is available at Sylvester and Co.

 Photo courtesy of West Elm
Stikwood, a new permanent adhesive wallpaper has just become available through West Elm. It provides a nice highly textured surface, and comes in 14 varieties of wood, from bleached to reclaimed.  It comes in stick-on planks, and works best over painted walls rather than on top of wallpaper.

Photo courtesy of West Elm
The Reclaimed, Weathered White is right up my alley for rough luxe Farm House chic.

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