Thursday, March 20, 2014


Photos courtesy of Domino BFA
 Take a look at a Mac co-founder/artist/creative development director/overall genius Donald Robertson's artwork. Covering every surface with his work, he did an Art Salon takeover of Estee Lauder exec John Dempsey's New York townhouse this winter.  The salon, held back in December, was recently featured in Domino Magazine, and the party, on Vanity Fair's website. Creatively speaking, its the whole equation here. I kept hearing how fabulous his home was, and boy is it ever.  "Donald Drawbertson," as he is known on Instagram, with his 21 thousand followers, shares his fantastical,  joyous artwork, created out of everything from pizza boxes to shopping bags, with colorful gaffing tape and other found materials. As a busy creative, he doodles and paints whenever and wherever he can. This seems to be the side gig that has taken on a life of its own. On a recent trip to LA, he resorted to creating art out of food, because of the lack of supplies on hand. I know this because of his Instagram. But lest you think his creative self stops there, he shares moments of his life on Instagram, covering his interior designer wife, new twins, a son, a Dachshund named Donut and a Labradoodle, Monty.  The dogs and babies become his well-situated muses, always in the name of getting the adorable, squeal-worthy shot.  This fashion world-influenced creative development director of Bobbie Brown certainly has something to say, and it worth tracking his adventures on @donalddrawbertson that's for sure. If you have the desire to acquire one of his pieces (or all of them like I do), he created a special piece, #chicsdigred, just for Domino readers, which you can pick up here. It's time to start our Drawbertson collections. Now.

Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair, Neil Rasmus/
The phenom captured.

Photo courtesy of Domino
The Salon scene, capturing his multi-media trove that fits right in with its more is more surroundings.

 Photo courtesy of Domino
Fashion label motifs and catwalk- strutting models are topics often seen in his work

 Photo courtesy of Domino
Off the wall to be sure. Robertson covered Dempsey's high priced art collection with his creations creating something new and unexpected.

Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair, Neil Rasmus/
Kermit meets Hermes, Kermes. What will he think of next?

Photo courtesy of Domino
#chicksdigred can be yours, click on over here.


StephanieLowder said...

Fabulous! Thank you for introducing me to Donald Drawbertson, Marisa. - Stephanie

MJH DesignArts said...

I want "Kermes".
Amazing renaissance man.