Friday, August 28, 2009


If you are in New York or have plans to visit, make sure you stop by Bermingham and Company at 243 East 60th Street. In addition to having nicely scaled, pretty antiques, they have the Ikat market cornered, offering over 100 ikat designs in glorious colors. Ikats were traditionally woven in Uzbekistan as clothing fabrics, so the widths were narrow. Most silk widths are between 16 and 18 inches wide, with a few available that are up to 27 inches. Bermingham is one stop shopping since they have their own workroom, where they can turn out pillows, festive lampshades, headboards and upholstery. Designers can decide to match the seams or not, depending on the whether they want the random pattern or matching design. A burst of color makes a neutral interior more lively and ikat gives your home that de rigeur global glamour.

The wall o' Ikats is like standing in front of candy jars at a Penny Candy Store. What should I get?!

Rich jewel tones and brights mean endless options

The circle pattern is a favorite of mine for its clean design and pop of color against the white ground. Their drum shades fly out the door

The square shade is a unique shape, and it gives any lamp a new lease on life

Pillows tossed on a floral sofa would add a kicky jolt

Contrast border colors tie a room scheme together


I recommend starting with the rug when doing a room scheme-- in this case, bring in some great textural wovens to make the ikat pattern the star.

An antique chair upholstered in a soft ikat is ready to go


The Townhouselady said...

Ohhhhhh my goodness. I'm not over ikat yet by any stretch of the imagination.


Visual Vamp said...

Ikat is forever.
Great info!
xo xo

Matters of Style said...

Amazing! I will have to go next time I'm in New York.

sevprez said...

wow. i just reupholstered 2 wingback chairs in yellow and white trina turk fabric (found on your blog) and now i think i have found my source for lampshades and pillows! you're the best!

katiedid said...

Candy store is right! And I LOVE candy. Such gorgeousness! Thanks for the intro.

Unknown said...

And actually, those are the perfect fabric for upholstering material. It really lives up the colors.


plaisirs simples said...

I have been looking for somewhere in NY that sells ikats for over a year!!! This is incredible!!!! Thank you so much for this information! I kept ordering them from Uzbekistan off of ebay and they never came in the color I thought they would! I am going there this weekend!! THANK YOU! xx

Sanity Fair said...

These are gorgeous!!! My heart just went pitter-patter - I love IKAT. I can't get enough of it. Boo on the folks who keep claiming that it's going out of style - it's not a style thing! It's a classic!

Anonymous said...

Bermingham now available exclusively through all Brunschwig & Fils showrooms! As of November 10th, Bermingham installed its display in the B&F New York showroom at the D&D building. Installations to all other worldwide showrooms to come soon over the next few months.