Wednesday, August 5, 2009


An artist's hand on a fabric or wallpaper often adds that extra element of humor, charm or painterly allure.


Brit Lizzie Allen was a discovery I made at ICFF in New York. It seems at every ICFF show there is a new Anglo sensation doing wallpaper that is second to none. Allen won funding from the Crafts Council in 2005, a government funding that allows small design businesses a chance to grow. Her hand screened printed papers are custom made in England, and her style is straight out of a children's book. Her work brings back memories of pouring over Madeleine, Babar and Dr.Seuss.

Red Buses and Black Cabs are a quintessential part of daily London life. Allen captures street typical scene with 1950's nostalgia.

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace, another staple.

The life size Telephone Box, great for a playroom or boys bedroom.

London City Gents would be a conversation starter in a powder room.

A detail of London City Gents. That expression is so Seussical!

Schumacher has organized their designs by core categories, and the whimsical selection below is from Schumacher Modern, called Avante Guard.

Views of Paris captures the great landmarks from the City of Light in a naive, two dimensional realm.

New York, New York depicts how soaring the buildings and bridges of the city really are. The hustle and bustle is captured on the busy fabric's surface.

Opera has a staggered repeat of the famous Paris Opera House and its giant dome that can be seen from a distance.

A detail of Opera has light architectural references. The swags and arches seem to be made of piped icing.

Pierre Frey caused a buzz when they introduced their Hong Kong Toile several years back. They reinvented the classic pastoral French print scene with graffiti style artwork and a global locale.


City Living Girl said...

Wow, phenomenal find! So glad I came across your blog. Look forward to more.

Topsy Turvy said...

Marisa - love the hand-drawn look of these - and that great life-size telephone box!