Monday, August 24, 2009


Having shown at the Atlanta Gift Show for a few years, Karen finally decided it was time to bring her world of natural wonder to New York! I have written about her before, and her fantastic shell boxes, faux tortoise shells and pastel pillows. New shell items, sea life, maps and vintage books graced her booth-- a veritable cabinet of curiosities. See her handmade treasure trove at The Karen Robertson Collection. Her creative energy is boundless, and she gets her cues from the natural world. She is a stickler for quality, and all her things are handmade in the USA with tender loving care. Her work has a large green component, since she is reusing found materials, and using vintage books and maps to create something new.

Photos Courtesy of Karen Robertson
Summer is spent on Buzzards Bay in Massachusetts, where Karen escapes the Florida heat. Her genius studio in a tent is the ultimate warm weather hideaway. Talk about being inspired by your surroundings--this is heavenly. Her tent provides a civilized creative getaway where she can relax and generate new ideas.

A daybed for reverie in shell- adorned surroundings make it easy to get in the creative flow.

Winters are spent in Ponta Vedra Beach, FL. Her serene and soothing home there is decorated with her framed sea fans, shell encrusted obelisks and ultra suede icon pillows. Her love of shells runs deep, and she is constantly coming up with stunning new ways to incorporate them into her work.

Handmade shell finials make a mantel complete

The new framed maps of Rome circa 1843 are a fun addition. The prints look great hung in multiples

Shells take on a modern look when mounted on a sleek brushed stainless steel caliper stand

An embellished Ostrich Egg with bugs, butterflies and leaves on stand mixes in well on a bookshelf

The decoupage eggs come with a lobster, coral and octopus designs, seen here with her new paper covered books

Vintage books by the yard covered in marbleized paper were another hit at the show

The red and green marbled paper books have a holiday feel. Yes, I said holiday--it is not too early to start thinking about gift ideas.

The books have a cut out box which Karen calls, "a box in a book", perfect for hiding something secret...

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