Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Trends tend to trickle down and make their way into a larger realm of products, becoming more available at a better price. Suzani is one of those trends that is easy to love. Since global glamour isn't going anywhere, why not embrace it? Why truck through a souk when there are chic finds to be had at World Market? I went to their website looking for a rug and entered into a trove of suzani designs with such amazing prices I could not believe it. Mix these things in with pricier pieces and people will surely be asking you, "WHERE did you find that?!!!"

A fantastic Black and Pink Suzani Floor Cushion is a steal.

The Round Suzani Pouff makes a great perch for a party, buy several and scatter them about.

The Suzani Ottoman looks sturdy and well aged, which lends it the aura of a Casbah find.

Black, White and Bright Suzani Placemats come in a set of four and will take you into fall entertaining.

A Suzani Floral Chair is available online only. The scale is good, the price-- excellent.

The Manvi Suzani Print Lampshade adds a world of color to a boring lamp or makes a colored lamp even more fabulous.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I so agree with your philosophy. I forget about World Market because the one near me sadly closed. I use to shop there often when I lived in Las Vegas & San Diego. I need to hop online. Thanks for the ideas, I love the suzani print.

Chic Coles said...

I love the pillow with the pink, round suzani pouf (I LOVE poufs) and the cool suzani placemats! Fun post, thanks!

Erica said...

Charlotte Moss' new designs are "tres elegant".

Alluminare said...

Check for Suzani home lighting and decor - hand designed, and in any colors you want.

Have fun designing!