Friday, August 5, 2011


After visiting the Veranda sponsored House of Windsor showhouse while in LA recently, I got to see decorative details and architectural aspects up close that my initial showhouse post images were not able to convey. One of the reasons I love this showhouse is because the architectural details are beautifully executed. After seeing several showhouses in newly constructed modern apartment buildings recently, the classical details Windsor used feel much warmer and more to my taste.

Double height ceilings and high mahogany doors create the feeling of being in a french chateau.

The center hall, with a grey painted chair rail, runs straight through the house from the front door to the back. Rooms are accessed off this hall, done in a limestone and marble diamond pattern with a wide border.

A marble surround makes a place to hang plates and platters stand out. Wainscotting painted grey makes the back pop, adding a nice contrast to the white china. Wide reclaimed oak floorboards give the kitchen a "been there forever" look.

Windsor took an old cabinet and built it into the wall. The cabinet fits a washer and dryer below with practical shelving above.

The bath that connects the children's room and the nursery has inexpensive materials mixed with Ikea sinks and pull out baskets for laundry. This way of using space creatively and functionally is what makes a good showhouse room really stand out.

Old and new materials came together throughout the house. Here, old wood beams define the ceiling, the contrast and pattern make it more interesting.

In the nursery, built in book cases surround a double door closet. The wallpaper backed shelves are a great way to add color and take advantage of every surface.


Taylor Greenwalt said...

We also went to the House of Windsor. Love the pictures you got. You really captured the wood details. We did a post on it to. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Do you know who designed the MIlly store on 73 and Madison...the architecture and decoration is superb....kudos if you can get the answer..the store is getting lots of attention and buzz sadly tho, no mention of the deserving designers...

Let us all know if you find out!!!

keep up the good work!!!