Monday, August 15, 2011


Lostine, a brand new company I discovered at the New York Gift Show, is named after a small town in Oregon. The collection, designed by Robert True Ogden, celebrates American design and craft. You may know him from former company, Peddler's Home, where he created a rustic industrial aesthetic in everyday objects, lighting, found art and furniture. With Lostine, the pared down design and aged materials are clean and beautiful. Simple lines and early American inspiration make this new line a welcome one. Their simple hand drawn signage and border design have an Early American charm and easy vibe.

Wood cutting boards with painted color blocking and leather handles are Shaker in their clean simplicity

A great woven settee with wood frame has a great look and can go modern or traditional

A wood table with a rounded leg that ends in a dipped color reminds me of a modern Swedish piece with American sensibilities

A woven chair and seat back with a light wood frame is fantastic- a really welcome addition for it's craft feel

A pendant hanging lantern with cut glass and edison bulb has an old world look


A+S (Tilton Fenwick) said...

Love this new vendor! so fresh! We'll make certain to check them out today - thanks for the heads up Stylebeat :)

the modern sybarite ™ said...

Adore the pendant light. Imagine 2 over a dinning table. How inspirational. Thanks.

Hamptontoes said...

It was so nice to run into you at the show and to get a few moments to speak with one another. We really need to do lunch. Now, onto this company...when I walked into that booth I was in Peddler's Home.I will have to further explore this line.

Springhouse said...

Oh we have that woven settee but it has begun to fall apart- from lack of moisture? Or just age, I'm not sure but It tickled me to see it here as a stylish crafty piece since it was in my parent's home when I was a baby! Any tips on caring for woven furniture like that?