Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It was so fun being asked by the NYIGF to pick my single favorite item out of 200 companies showing in Accent on Design for the Blogger's Choice Awards. The request, to highlight a product that has “urgent, odd and delightful design,” was made easy when I came across this multi faceted high design piece:
My pick: Serene House (Sturtevant, WI) for Donut. “It is a new take on home fragrance that provides a sensory experience. Shaped like a donut, the piece releases a fragranced water vapor, has LED lights that change color and plays music from your ipod. It is a great way to unplug and escape everyday stressors. It is a modern clean design in a product that helps well being and appeals to the senses. The piece looks great, while performing a variety of functions, proving a luxurious escape.”
They call it "air care" I call it awesome.

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Carl said...

Very form follows multi function. Great find. ~best