Monday, August 1, 2011


Photo courtesy of Elum
Elum Paper's Driftwood Gift Wrap

West Elm has worked with the motif as has fabric design from Jed Johnson. It has been a long time favorite of Bunny Williams. Faux bois is a classic. She recently launched a collection of faux bois paper goods with Caspari, where desk accessories and napkins get the faux treatment.

Ross Sveback's Faux Bois Dinnerware Collection sends me. I became friends with Ross, the Mineapolis - based cooking and lifestyle expert on Facebook awhile back and just knew he was onto something. More East coast stores are beginning to carry his objects, giving him a broader audience. His collection can be ordered on his site, Kon-Tent.
To see such beautiful English transfer ware still being made today the way it was 200 years is inspiring. It takes 12 people to finish each piece of pottery, so natural variations are to be expected. The variety and pattern in knotted wood is what makes each piece so extraordinary.
The faux bois tureen is great for wintery soup dinners

Care for a spot of tea?

This platter looks as great on a shelf as it does on the table

The depth of pattern and detail is amazing

This ample pitcher is made for summer wildflowers

A plate and bowl with a lip is perfect for baking

Everyone needs chic utensil storage to elevate the everyday

The Etruscan Jug looks like it was nabbed from a museum

The Butter Dish can be so much more than that because it has such a good, functional shape

An octagonal bowl is shallow for soup or to display fresh fruits or vegetables

The Milk Churn is an old shape that looks new with the repeat of the bois

Photo courtesy of Bunny Williams
Bunny Williams created this now famous Greek Temple out of trees at her Connecticut home. I could frame this image to stare at and daydream-- that is how much I love it. The columns are wrapped in bark and the pediment is filled with pine cones. In a word: wow.

The space is really one with nature and rough hewn timbers mix with natural wicker furniture. Her love of faux and real wood were able to dovetail in her new collection of paper accessories.

Bunny's line for Caspari includes everyday mats, napkins, file holders, frames and more.

The great thing about the theme is that it brings a bit of the outside in without being too florally or bright.

A sage green and teal color way was also created.

Photo courtesy of Jed Johnson
Fabrics and wallpapers in faux bois can literally transform a space. Jed Johnson Home's Faux Bois embroidered fabric in Ashe has been a long time favorite of mine.

Carlton V's preppy take on faux bois in orange on a white ground.

Quadrille has a patterned faux bois with geometric elements.


A+S @TiltonFenwick said...

Loving this faux-bois round-up! We used Ross' dishes for our project upstate - perfect for the country!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Love that platter! A bit qurky, it would add an interesting touch to a table..

the modern sybarite ™ said...

The pottery with the wood pattern is something new for me. I had never seen such a thing and it is actually very cool. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Fabulous post!
This design really has something very interesting and unusual! It looks very vivid.

agnes szucs said...

i like faux bois, too... and there used to be (or i guess still is) a whole blog about faux bois somewhere on the net.

agnes / iiiinspired

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post! I adore the faux bois paper things by the oh-s-brilliant Bunny!

Love it all!
Thank you so much for those wonderful sources!!1

kayce hughes said...

I am in love with the dishes and I am going to contact him about carrying it in the store. Thanks for the great tip!

Ross Sveback said...

thank you so much for posting about my faux bois tabletop collection - I am honored Marisa.

Interior Design Pro said...

Hi Marisa,

Using the octagonal bowl for soup was a great idea and it looked extremely unique with the faux bois design.

We will be sure to share this on

Kitchen Benchtops said...

I love looking at these and seeing how many of the same inspirational pictures I have in my style file.
thanks for putting this together.

Lisa Wood said...

I love the faux wood look on decor items and dishes, but that Greek temple home is incredible! I love the idea of wrapping the columns in bark so they look like trees holding up the roof. Thanks for the inspiration!