Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ferrick Mason, a newly launched collection of print designs are inspired by things found in nature. As a collaboration between two artistic and visual minds, they were able to come up with organic- inspired designs that have already found an audience in the design community. Their designs are first hand drawn and then screened, so the lines have an imperfect quality. This irregularity gives their innovative designs a painterly, handmade feel. Their fabrics, printed on Belgian linen are locally produced in Los Angeles, using eco-friendly inks and dyes. Interior designers Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat of Lucas Studio used their fabric early on last year, in the Veranda Showhouse in Greystone Mansion, where they did a fantastic space.

The line is available through Kathryn M. Ireland in Almont Yard, Nicky Rising, Grizzel and Mann in Altanta, and Studio 534 in The Boston Design Center. I have known Brian since his early days with Kathryn Ireland, and sat down with him recently to get his perspective on his new creative endeavor.

Alex and Brian

Brian, you are a veteran fabric designer and have helped some of the biggest names in the business with their fabric lines. Why launch a collection of your own and why now?

After working with Kathryn Ireland and Michael Smith for a number of years on their textile lines I started getting the itch to have my own - unfortunately I am not an artist and wasn't really interested in working on another document based line. My good friend Amelia Dalgaard had been trying to introduce me to her friend Alex Mason, Alex is an amazing painter, who happened to be looking for a partner with textile experience to break into the business. Alex and I finally met at a party and were fast friends - and when I saw her paintings and ideas for fabrics I was in love.

What inspired the designs and the particular color palette? The colors are unexpected and unusual, in a good way.

Our initial collection is based on artwork that was inspired from Alex's two years in New Zealand. The patterns have a reoccurring theme of berries and abstract flora. With the colors we were trying to keep things fresh and modern without being gimicky - we wanted updated colors that would work well in contemporary as well as traditional environments. Both Alex and I have a somewhat East coast sensibility and liked colors that would be at home on Cape Cod, in the Hamptons or Palm Beach - not be mention Southern California -fun, fresh, slightly preppy with a twist!

With a brand new collection what will mean success in your eyes?

We have both been thrilled with first getting the line out there, then having so many friends and designers that we respect get excited about the line and use it. Sales, of course, are very important and we are pleased with the momentum that has been picking up with sales and press. We started out inching our way out there with our boutique line in just one showroom with a road rep. Now we are in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston and soon to be NYC and Dallas. We are also introducing 3 new designs to our line as well a more moderately priced line with 7 new designs. People have been eager to see fresh new designs, that aren't just the trendy ethnic prints - and like the fact that we are hand screened in California - keeping it all local!

What is influencing you now, and what is next?

We have about 10 new designs that we are currently working on - a large scale damask that incorporates some of the motifs from the first collection and a wonderful irregular horizontal stripe, as well as beautiful dense berry co-ordinate. then 7 new designs that we are printing on cotton and bringing out at a more moderate price point, something I think the market is really calling for now. We are still doing exciting original designs for this grouping but will not be hand printed on Belgian linen in order to keep it more affordable.


Willow the full repeat

Willow in green

Willow in blue

Warfield in full repeat

Warfield in orange

Warfield in Lavender

Warfield in green

Warfield in blue

Tropicana in full repeat

Tropicana in lavender

Tropicana in green

Tropicana in brown

Tropicana in blue

Calliandra in full repeat

Calliandra in robin's egg

Calliandra in orange

Calliandra in brown and orange

Calliandra in brown

Bizzy Bloom in full repeat in pink

Bizzy Bloom in green

Bizzy Bloom in blue


cynthia - thedailybasics.com said...

Love the fabrics- totally yummy! Looking forward to seeing this everywhere!

Unknown said...

These are so lovely, really like the blue colorways of each one! Thanks.

MEV said...

Love everything!

Looking forward to seeing the new designs

Poppy K said...

Beautiful!! Love the whimsicality of the designs.

Laura Newman said...

These are beautiful. I love textile design. Thanks for sharing.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

beautiful collaboration, I love Warfield in lav.

Josh Urso Design said...

wow! these are great fabrics. very fresh designs.

Rachel Winokur Interiors said...

i'm so excited for this gorgeous ferrickmason fabric line and look forward to using it in many projects, residential and hospitality.