Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Haus Interiors has a bold zig zag painted floor. It is the first thing visitors see, and it makes them smile.

Nina V. Freudenberger started Haus Interiors on a sweet Nolita block, taking her design philosophy and making it a reality. The area lacked a warm and modern design store, and her shop with decorating studio fills the void. Woods, black white and gray make the color palette of Haus Interiors modern and now. Her love of graphic punch shows in her projects-- from a zig to a zag, Nina knows the impact of a geometric moment. Starting a new venture during an economic rough patch can mean great rewards, especially in an area that needed some home style, I mean Haus style. I went down to visit Nina at 250 Elizabeth Street, and she shared her dream of having a boutique with design services, making that happen, and her big plans.

She shared:
"I went to Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture in 2003. Straight from school I was offered a position at an interior design firm (Kondylis Design) for 4 years, after which I decided to open my own firm. For the last 3 years we have worked on various projects ranging from high-end private residential homes, model apartments and office spaces – I love doing them all!

Opening a boutique has always been a dream of mine and with looking for new office space last spring, I realized I could finally make it a reality. I couldn’t think of a better space to work in other then being surrounded by objects I love and believe in. Nolita is such a wonderful neighborhood, I am constantly being inspired by the sophistication and style of the people who come in to shop. With these interactions I am also learning what people really are looking for, typical questions and trends in the world of interior design. These moments help me grow as a business owner and most of all, as a designer.

The store has been such an incredible experience, I am really looking forward to opening a second (and a third) very soon! Although we new on the scene - we have a great following all across the country and have a few location possibilities in mind."
Stay tuned!

Glass shelves display a neatly arranged array of framed prints and objects

Whimsical dog print pillows sit next to wooden boxes with star cut outs

Zig zag throws mirror the floor patterns and keep the gray, black and white color palette flowing.


Josh Urso Design said...

We love her sense of style and especially that floor! It actually reminded us of the black and white marble floor in Morgan Freeman's "office" in Lucky Number Slevin. They are both really striking ways to rethink that big blank canvas known as a floor.

Kate said...

love this!!!