Monday, March 29, 2010


The Mount in all it's glory

It is always helpful to revisit great showhouses past. In 2002, Edith Wharton's legendary summer home The Mount, in Lenox, Massachusetts had a designer showhouse. For the Mount’s Centennial Celebration, they presented semi-permanent installations. In the (then) newly restored rooms of The Mount’s main and ground floors, each space was interpreted by a modern designer. Designer's selected for the exhibition were Geoffrey Bradfield, Libby Cameron, Thomas Jayne, Charlotte Moss, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Michael Trapp and Bunny Williams. Several of the spaces still have the installations in tact. The Mount is installing a new designer exhibition which will feature French interior designers, including AndrĂ©e Putman. I hope they get the support they need to maintain and keep the Mount as the historic site that inspires visitors in all seasons.

The painted archways and marble inlay floors add beautiful color and pattern to the sweeping grand hall. Spaces like inspire in many ways, from the painted arch details to bright marble use.

The Gallery, designed by Geoffrey Bradfield. Curvy-backed settees line the walls, leading your eye to the bronze statues at the end of the hall.

Charlotte Moss designed the Drawing Room with several seating areas for easy conversation groups.

The Forecourt, designed by Michael Trapp with loads of seashells for a grotto effect. He has a wonderful shop, Michael Trapp Antiques in West Cornwall, Connecticut,that is housed in his Greek Revival home, and features great architectural finds.

Bunny Williams designed The Dining Room. She began her professional career in New York at Stair and Company, the prestigious English antique dealers. She later joined Parish-Hadley Associates and in 1988 founded Bunny Williams Incorporated. Her two New York city shops, Treillage for tabletop, furniture and accessories and Treillage Garden are fantastically edited shopping experiences.

The Den, done by Thomas Jayne. He holds a a master’s degree from the Winterthur Museum Program, and is a serious antique connoisseur. His knowledge has attracted clients to his work, and he has a rug line with Stark,Thomas Jayne for Newport Mansions with EJ Victor furniture, and accessories with Chelsea House. His work incorporates antiques and wonderful historical elements.

Photos by David Dashiell
The room from another angle, showing the workhorse desk and rather large Mahogany framed vertical file cabinet with shagreen panels where the estate paperwork would have been filed.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

thank you for this great reprise.

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Wow. Thanks for the tour!

North of 25A said...

I have always wanted to visit The Mount - NPR broadcasts Selected Shorts from there usually sometime in the summer or fall. Now I am really motivated to go. Thanks.