Friday, March 26, 2010


Photo Courtesy of Hutton Wilkinson
Hutton Wilkinson, protege and collaborator of Tony Duquette's for over 30 years, rounds out an exuberant collection of fabrics,wallpaper, lighting and furniture with the newest addition, rugs. Duquette is known for creating elaborate Broadway costumes, stage settings and over the top decorative items for New York and Hollywood cognoscenti. His furnishings were often re - purposed from found materials that were elevated by using unique finishing techniques with bold and exuberant results. He lived to 85, and his designs were so in demand that catalogs from a Christie's auction in the 80's sold out immediately. Hutton has made sure the Duquette legacy lives on, by collaborating with companies that best executed the vision-- Baker Furniture, Remains Lighting, Jim Thompson Fabrics and now, Roubini for rugs. The rugs capture the greatest hits of Duquette, bringing glamour and drama to the floor.

A personal favorite, Malachite, in an all- over pattern

Leopard in Spinach has an op art quality to it

Fireworks looks both old and new, with an art deco feel

Duquette loved Coral, and the rug is constant pattern of a flowing coral field

Tibetan Sun is a close match to the fabric pattern, and the dominant colors can take a room in many directions

Golden Sunburst with it's rays and overlapping beams is like a modern work of art

Ermine, a Duquette symbol of glamour and the high life, becomes an abstracted pattern when used evenly across the ground

Beauty and The Beast brings Broadway to life, with a charming grisaille stage set


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I've been always fascinated by Mr. Duquette. His career was amazing. I think it's terrific that Mr. Wilkinson carried on Tony's vision. By the looks of his collaboration with Baker, Remains, etc. it appears that he carried it off well. That malachite rug is my very favorite, wow!
Thanks for sharing; the photo of a Duquette's designed room is gorgeous and a thrill to see.

All my best to you for a lovely wkend. ~ deb

Patty said...

Beautiful patterns, Douquette did some amazing work, thanks for posting!


Great patterns!!!

I also love Malachite - Fornasetti has a similar wallpaper.

Josh Urso Design said...

Some of these are very interesting! We particularly enjoy the bold design of Golden Sunburst. Modern but elegant.