Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It's all in the mix. This is a phrase worth repeating, for design today is not about a cookie cutter samey look, it's about pulling inspiration from a wealth of different eras and sources. Take Ash, for instance. The new appointment-only pop up shop created by youth-quake design duo Ari Heckman and Will Cooper, takes up all of 480 square feet in the former Abingdon Guest House in the West Village. It feels like a well-layered living room, and with such as small footprint, is a microcosm of their Williamsburg Brooklyn-based design studio/shop.  A mix of up and coming artists and mid- century finds live well together here. Cooper, who got his retail chops in Ralph Lauren store visuals started Ash with Heckman in 2007.  The diminutive shop at 13 8th Avenue is there until June 27th so get there while you can!

Ari Heckman and Will Cooper, two design guys to keep an eye on.

The latest design books from Rizzoli artfully arranged with a specially created Le Labo candle.

Chrome-legged sling chairs around a studded black pedestal table get an infusion of traditional design with the crystal ship chandelier.

An all-white moment comprised of white nude sculptures and modern coffee tables.

Prints from photographer Adrien Mesko line the wall. Custom Ash pillows and upholstery mingle with other pieces that have strong, clean lines. Designer Anna Karlin created the cool stools shown above.

More of the mix. The black and white painting is fantastic- I wonder if it's still available?

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