Thursday, June 27, 2013


Wonderful, textural dots don the surfaces of the artistic South African pottery made by Potter's Workshop. Utilizing the talents of skilled artisans, the Cape Town-based pottery studio was started in 1991, by Chris Silverston. What began as a craft done by women she expanded, as she began teaching Xsoha men the art of glazing pottery in a fresh new way.  It is a touching story, how she taught a group of people to embrace art that may never have been exposed to it before. They are now true artisans. Brightly saturated glazes and precise, detailed patterns decorate serving pieces in light-hearted, joyous way. The studio now employs 23 people that create the beautiful,  elaborately detailed glazed bowls and dishes for which they have gained a devoted following.  You can find Potter's Workshop designs at Aero Studio in New York City,  Design Solutions in New Canaan, CT, and more stores found on their website. A modern take on age - old medium has reinvigorated the art form, making it part of the contemporary South African design scene today.

The Large Bowl with concentric blue and orange rings and complex graphic patterns.

An Oval Fruit Bowl makes a great display and serving piece, it is so intricate and detailed.

The Tulip Dinner and Salad Plate in rich blue and red glazes

Intricately painted Nut Bowls with a linear dot pattern.

Poppy Pudding Bowls in psychedelic prints

Poppy Bowls with dots and intricate patterns

Ramekins painted to resemble individual blooms

A tiny flower vessel, the Inca Bowl


MJH DesignArts said...

These pieces are glorious. Thank you.

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Mary, it is a wonderful story- she created a work force out of at risk men in South Africa, it is very touching. said...

Magnificent colours and designs