Thursday, June 20, 2013


 Photos courtesy of Sharon Montrose

Few things are as divine as animals in the prime of their youth. When I came across photographer Sharon Montrose and her online Animal Print Shop, I was immediately smitten with the way she captures baby animals at their best--  giving them personality and swagger. Often showing them head on, she creates a sense of immediacy, drawing you in to the cute stares from those sweet little innocent eyes. As a great photographer knows, getting to know your subject and connecting with them is key, so I imagine there is a lot of frolicking on the set.  Montrose's Little Darlings series has become beloved, and you can see why. Printed on archival stock paper, and available in simple white frames, her prints go from 7"x9" all the way up to 40"x50", which are limited additions. They have the ability to transform a space with their presence.
What baby nursery wouldn't benefit from the addition of a  little adorable animal series?

I am the star of my own show.

I will grow into my ears.

Hey that looks fun, I'm on my way up to join you.

Is it ok if I snooze on set?

I need this petite Zebra in my life!

How much longer?

The knobby knees!

Who, me?

Yes, I'm going places.

You don't fool me-  I see you there.

If these eyes could talk.

Wait, can I move now?

I see my friends over there.

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