Monday, June 10, 2013


 Making new designs with a classic twist, Munder Skiles transforms teak into tall slatted benches and metal into seating  sinewy-lines. Every piece is made to order, and since 1992, John Danzer has been, according to the New York School of Interior Design's retrospective of his work, "Reinventing The Garden Seat." Posessing a vast knowledge of garden furniture and design history, Danzer's creations, enhancing the serenity of landscapes  around the globe,  relate gardens to their houses, in styles ranging from historic to sleek and modern. It is worth making a visit to Munder-Skiles showroom in Garrison, New York, an hour North of New York City to see the 150 customizable designs in metal and wood.

 Photo courtesy of Munder-Skiles
The Almodington Bench 

X-Back Bench

The Fenlake pattern

The Amish Table with Hemmings Chair

 The Hemmings Chair with folding Kelso table

The Baldwin pattern

 The Aiken Sectional

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Anne said...

Nothing is as beautiful as custom work and these outdoor pieces are exquisite