Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Nautical decor can be subtly integrated into your home in the summer months. Set the table with lobster napkins for enjoying the catch of the day, or toss a pillow on a cozy chair to perk up a living room in a summer rental. Ortolan Organic, started by New York-based sisters Bethany and Jenna Mallett, share their graphic, realistic take on the natural world through eco-conscious pillows, napkins and tea towels, made of hemp organic cotton canvas. With a retro sensibility and beautiful details, their clean designs are perfect for summer getaways and gifts, or going somewhere breezy in your mind.

I love the weight of printed cotton canvas.  The Lobster Pillow shows the shell in great detail.

A simple Anchor is such a graphic iconic image.

OK, so sailors don't really say this,  but it's cute nonetheless.

Much nicer than Fudgy The Whale.

The reverse on white takes on a different look.

Have some of these on hand after a messy meal of clams and steamers.

Hello easy-to-give gifts.

The Lobster Tea Towel would add a striking touch of red hanging in a galley kitchen.

Crabs can be friendly, just look at this guy.

He is making his way from the corner of the napkin.

If you go to Nantucket, bring him along.

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