Thursday, October 24, 2013


Fall in New York is a frenetic time, filled with book parties, fabric launches, The International Fine Art and Antiques Show, lectures and events. It has me moving a mile a minute, and I am enjoying every fast-paced minute of it. I have just returned home from High Point Market, and I am still in the process of breaking down what I saw,  the new introductions, trends and market shifts.  I am hoping I am able to catch my breath as well as begin to read through the stack of terrific design books that have come out this fall. Will I get to all 25 of them? I can't commit to that, but I hope to cover the ones that have the most to say that are worth reading for both inspiration and education. Just add that to my to do list.
In terms of trends, there are many design moments bubbling up, rather than one definitive direction taking the lead. What I saw, after visiting a record number of showrooms and smaller companies, is strong colors, especially coral and peacock blue, more light wood finishes, tons of great brass accessories, and velvet upholstery everywhere I looked. It seems as thought the blue velvet sofa is "a thing" that is still very much having a moment.  Bright hues were in pops, as seen here on Van Collier's striking hand-crafted metal Yves Klein-blue powder coated Moorish-arched mirror. Upholstery shapes are getting interesting, as companies offer a mix of traditional and contemporary options to lure a variety of designers their way.  Over the next few days I will prepare a thorough overview of High Point Market greats, so stay tuned for inspiring showrooms with great styling and standout pieces.

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