Monday, October 14, 2013


Photos courtesy Anthropologie
Kaitlyn McCane's Dachschund sculpture, made of wire

The animated head tilt of the Boston Terrier is spot on

I love dogs so much that I often stop them on the street to say hello. Yesterday, I saw a friendly-faced Westie heading towards me, with a perfect "Chrysanthemum" - shaped head, meaning the hair was shaped to resemble to bulbous flower.  I had a stop and chat with his owner. It turns out, Artie was quiete the special dog, from a long line of Westminster winners. I knew he had that special something. I try to spend time with my parent's Westies, girls Daisy and Tulip, when I can. They are the two Westies that are closest to my heart and I just adore them. Yet they are country gals and rarely make their way into the Big Apple. Living in the city and traveling as often as I do makes having a dog practically impossible. Perhaps the solution to having a dog is a wonderful sculpture in their likeness. I found these animated wire sculptures on the website of Anthropologie, and the artist Kaitlyn McCane really captures their likeness in a most unlikely medium.They make a great substitute for the real thing.

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