Monday, October 7, 2013


Photo courtesy of Schoolhouse Electric
Out and about in New York and Boston last week, I felt as though I was asking everyone I talked to what their time management systems were. I seem to be on a constant quest to tame communications and time- solid work and creative time. I feel as though everyone struggles with productivity today.  Getting it all done crosses over into personal time, in a never ending cycle.  If I don't write down a list of to-do's for the week, I end up circling in orbit. Sometimes just getting through my inbox is a daunting task, so being proactive, and less reactive, a to-do list seems to be the way to go for me.  Fall is like back to school, so I am hoping to get a lot done, get organized, and create a Wish List, in Schoolhouse Electric's little black book. Have any great time management systems in place? I would love to hear how you keep your day on track.

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