Thursday, October 3, 2013


Photos courtesy of Alice Peto
Peto's beautiful spare logo of a detailed monochromatic aqua pineapple is set against a pale grey box. So chic

There are certain designs British designers just get right. Capturing a particular refinement and sensibility, there is an artisan movement there that designs things that just feel so English. Artist Alice Peto is a creative talent with a love of  feathered friends. Coming across her darling china designs, festooned with stark, brightly-colored sihouettes of feathered creatures ranging from penguins to flamingos, I knew I had discovered something.  In the great tradition of English-made bone china, her oven to table designs, with mugs to plates and serveware, evolved out of her love of art, specifically illustrations. Studying in Florence, as well as teaching children art, she established her whimsical, sweet sensibility. I love the playfulness of her work, and the way it updates living creatures by elevating them in a sophisticated way. You can find her designs through her website, and she ships to the US.

Little birds all in a row- the Parakeet in kelly green, Guinea Fowl in grey, and pink Flamingo

 The Guinea Fowl side plate with a border of blue eggs joins the rest of the Guinea pattern.

Flamingos! They are definitely having a design moment across the pond, and are migrating here slowly.
The way Peto has styled her collection in a homey setting adds to the appeal of her work, creating a  comfort zone.

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