Friday, October 11, 2013


Photos courtesy of D. Porthault

Crisp beautiful bedding makes me happy. Sweet prints, with 1960's throwback charm, and multi-colored floral blooms also makes me happy. Launching today, the French linen brand D. Porthault introduces their online shop.  An edited version, the website offers an assortment, of bedding, towels, baby, entertaining and  gifts. Just think, you can get pretty bedding with big blooms even if you are not within walking distance of one of their stores, found on Park Avenue, Worth Avenue and other great shopping boulevards. New patterns are introduced each season, but their classic heart and mille fleurs prints have legions of fans around the world, who appreciate the riot of color and old-school sensibility the prints bring.  My Mom travels with her Boudoir pillow, and is famous for leaving them on the plane. Sorry Mom, but I know you can't be the only one. There must be a pillow shelf in Delta's lost and found room with others.
There are two ways to work with Porthault prints most effectively. The contrasting color scallop-edge linens in vivid, hand-printed patterns add just the right amount of joie de vivre when paired with solid bedding, or, all-out pattern on pattern. Go big. It will make you happy.

Photo via Bea Hive Blog
An old Avedon photo of Veruschka with a Porthault Boudoir

A cozy bedroom by Todd Romano

Photo Elle Decor
Christine D'Ornano's color and pattern infused London bedroom

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful
A New York bedroom designed by Ashley Whittaker.

Demoiselles, a fairly recent print is now in the classics category. The colors are SO good-- blue and red with a shot of unexpected pink.

This colorway sends me. Happy happy. Joy Joy.

New York Mille Fleurs, a beloved floral sprig.
Coquelicots, a new floral featuring delicate red wild Poppy's, the same one's Monet loved to paint.

A new tropical print, Fragrance, with giant hot pink hibiscus blooms is great for resort locales.

Sweet Violettes in blue. A perennial favorite.

The pink version, a favorite of Jackie Kennedy.

Alize, a fairly new print, is both abstract and resembles an animal print. The monochromatic pink and white would look wonderful in an all-white bedroom.

The Bouquet Eclate looks like tiny fireworks. There is something about the shades of pink and orange  together.


magnaverde said...

After so many seasons of coarse gray linen, raw stone & dessicated wood, I'm ready for pretty rooms again. Maybe Mario's new book & all the press with photos of Bunny Mellon's house will get the ball rolling. Then again, I had the same hopes for "Marie Antoinette" a few years ago and that didn't happen. Oh, well. We'll see what happens this time around. Either way, these linens are beautiful, and my favorite seems to be the newest. Demoiselles' pattern reminds me of the 1920s, but the cheerful, almost patriotic feel of the red & blue colorway gives it a 1940s feel, like something out of Rosie the Riveter's dream bedroom. And the blue piping is killer.

Jenny Ross said...

WOw,,,, love this flowery designs... they remind me of beautiful Jane waterous Paintings at SoHo