Thursday, October 31, 2013


When it comes to furniture design, it is easy to think it has all been done and you have seen it before. That is, of course, until you  cover a market such as High Point, where innovation is all-important. Newness, for an editor, is increasingly important. For companies, it  helps attract a new audience, and maintain an existing one.  To stay relevant, companies must continue to evolve. Home trends are starting to move at a quicker pace, and newness is expected. Most design is derivative, meaning it is tweaked and adapted for today, but rooted in a design vernacular of the past. Searching for sparks of innovation and newness, I look for eye-catching things that have not been done before.  When I came across these personality chairs, seen below, I realized they each had something unique to say, in their own way. Try adding an interesting conversation piece to a seating arrangement.  It is like inviting a really interesting gregarious guest to dinner, they make life more fun, less expected.

Barry Dixon created some upholstery pieces in his follow-up collection for Arteriors. This unique Ceylon Dining Chair, inspired by British Colonial India, has a pointed back, tight seat and curvaceous sides, supported by a painted white frame and nailhead trim. The stark contrast of white upholstery and white frame highlights the strong lines.

This feminine metal upholstered chair from Global Views won me over. I was instantly drawn to its painted metal finish resembling plaster and the sinewy curved lines. Both elegant and interesting, this chair can take on a completely different look depending on how it is upholstered.

Small side chairs are useful and can be used in a bedroom, dressing room, seating area or flanking console tables. A low profile kidney bean shape make this a charming  chair new by AERIN for E.J. Victor.


Wendy said...

Those are simply beautiful!

emma roberts said...

These are super cute! Thanks Marisa.