Friday, October 4, 2013


 Photos courtesy of Sothebys
Shiny black doors at the entrance of the Neoclassical French facade

Rarely do townhouses this spectacular go on the market.  The New York home that once belonged to the great Upperville, Virginia-based horticulturalist/philanthropist Rachel Lambert Mellon, better known as Bunny, at 125 East 70th Street is beyond the beyond.  Her green thumb went all the way to the White House, where she was instrumental int the planning of the Rose Garden.  The chance to see its interiors, below, is a lesson in style, refinement, collecting and elegance. It was brought to my attention that this 8 bedroom townhouse was listed, when Michael Phillips, the Chief Operating Officer of  Jamestown Properties shared it in his presentation yesterday at the Boston Design Center, during their market day, The Look. He spoke of the golden age of interior design in America, the 1960's and early 1970's, when Billy Baldwin was doing such significant work. I had the great pleasure of being introduced by Philips, where he spoke about the exciting developments he and his team are making at the Boston Design Center. It is going to be a destination for sure. If you have ever visited Chelsea Market in NYC or the Westside in Atlanta and The White Provision Company building there, you know what I mean.
One of the themes I discussed in my trend talk for 2014 was a return to pretty, and here it is, in no uncertain terms. We always look to the past to get inspired for the future. These interiors, with their butter yellow and cobalt blue walls are the epitome of quiet luxury. They can be yours for a mere $46 million. The house is listed with Sotheby's, so if you are looking for  a new New York abode of extraordinary style, welcome home.

How beautiful are the floors?!

Tres charmant


Anonymous said...

WOW, WOW, WOW! Spectacular! Oh, to live like that one day!

Anonymous said...

Of course, mrs Mellon is not the current seller as she sold this house a number of years ago and these Billy Baldwin interiors were dismantled at that time. All those floors were painted finishes on wood. I wonder if those have survived.

antiqueaholics said...

Thank you so much for sharing this AMAZING townhouse. I always walk by places in NYC and, would just love to have the opportunity to see the inside. While this is the ULTIMATE dream townhouse, I loved every image as it is all so incredibly beautiful and tastefully designed. This has to be one of my favorite posts ever.

Mumbles said...

Goodness, what a lovely home. Far beyond what I'll ever achieve, but I can love it from afar. Thank you!